Going on a safari is an adventure everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. So, what better way to finish off your wedding celebrations and start your married life than to go on this memorable adventure with your new hubby? There is something incredible about being somewhere remote and connecting with nature that allows you to really slow down and enjoy the amazing things life has to offer. A safari is the perfect way to unwind from the stress of organising the wedding, but also to look back and take it all in.


Here are our suggestions of what to pack for your safari honeymoon. Use this as a checklist so you don’t forget your essentials! And our best tips are:

  • Wear light colours as these will keep you cool on those hot daytime game viewing drives;
  • Avoid wearing dark colours as they attract insects;
  • And, finally, if you don’t want to be dinner for a pride of lions, definitely avoid bright colours!



- SKY GREY BLAZER – A great piece to wear for the crisp mornings and cool evenings, or to cover up your shoulders from the daytime sun. 

- WHITE OPEN BACK TANK TOP – This tank top is the perfect piece to keep cool while out on a game viewing drive. With open back detail and light colors it is the quintessential safari piece.

- SKY GREY SHORTS – These shorts are perfect to wear to bed but can also be worn during the day to help keep cool. As our fabric is organic cotton it is breatheable and perfect for all climates.

- SKY GREY TROUSERS – These pants are essential to protect your skin from too much sun and insects while out on safari. They are great for during the day or at night when temperatures tend to drop. You will certainly be very stylish during your safari adventure!

- WIDE BRIMMED HAT – Protect your face, back of your neck and skin from the hot sun with a wide brimmed hat. When you're on a drive it is easy to forget how hot it is when you are busy looking out for and watching incredible wildlife.

- SUNGLASSES  These sunglasses will keep you looking chic and sophisticated while out on safari.

- SUNSCREEN – sunscreen is an absolute must for your day time excursions. Don't let sun burn distract from the amazing experience.

- BINOCULARS  Again, these are an absolute must. Get the most out of this once in a lifetime adventure. You won't want to miss a thing, so ensure you have these on you at all times.

- COMFY SHOES – Your feet will feel like they are stepping on clouds with these trainers. Perfect for your adventure. 

safari honeymoon



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