Weekly Discovery - Bob Hair, Melbourne

Weekly Discovery - Bob Hair, Melbourne

Hi Everyone,

I started going grey when I was 16. Yup, sad but true. I am now 40 and I have more grey (or more like translucent white!) hair than my original dark brown hair. To make matters worse, my hair grows very fast. So, as you can imagine, I have been dying my hair for many, many years.

And, as anyone who has grey hair will be able to relate to, I have also endured years of stares and comments about my grey hair. It has always baffled me why other people find my grey hair so offensive and feel the need to point it out. I mean, do you honestly think I don't see my own grey hair and need you to point it out to me?? You guessed it, it's a bit of a sore point! Any how, I digress...

Given the situation, for as long as I can remember, every 5-6 weeks I have been getting my roots coloured. I have spent an eye watering amount of time and money on this. However, it has never ever sat well with me that I have been putting these harsh chemicals on my scalp for so many years. I have always been very uncomfortable with it, but needs must. 

I have now been living in Melbourne for exactly 1.5 years today. And through the amazing network of sustainable bloggers and brands that exists in Melbourne and those I have crossed paths with in the virtual world of social media, I came across Bob Hair. 

Bob is exactly what I have been looking for - a hair salon passionate about using natural products and sustainable business practices. Bob is located in South Yarra and they have a beautiful salon which reflects their values. Not only is it relaxing but the team there take as much time as needed to talk through what's going on with your hair and possible solutions. I've never before felt quite so well understood and appreciate time being taken to talk through the challenges I have with my colour.

And, another pleasant surprise, is the price is on par with other salons of a similar standard. So now, not only do I get to support another independent, sustainable business who shares my values, and get to colour my hair with natural products I am very comfortable using, but I don't have to pay any more than I normally would for the privilege. Fantastic!

If you are looking for a hair salon that uses natural products which work and one which really cares about it's clients, I definitely recommend heading over to Bob's website for a read of their ethos and to book in your next hair appointment! Give them a go - I feel confident you won't be disappointed.

Sonia X x X


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