Do you ever find yourself glued to the phone on a Sunday morning? Or find yourself sitting at the dinner table scrolling through Instagram? We live in a hyper connected world and it is important to take time to disconnect. When you unplug from all of the devices and reconnect with another human being you will not just physically feel better, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Technology makes life easier but not essentially better. Here are a few reasons to unplug yourself from technology along with tips that can help you connect back to reality.



1. Get your “me” time back. Let’s face it technology can eat up a lot of your time. How many times do you check your smartphone when you hear the bing of a notification? How many hours do you spend browsing on your laptop? Take some time to unplug yourself from all of the noise and pursue a passion or talent. Take up cooking, photography, or simply get outside and go for a walk, smartphone free. Turn off your phone and work towards only checking it two or three times a day.  You will feel liberated!


2. Don’t let technology substitute bonding time. While technology can make it easier to connect with family and friends all over the world and make it very easy for you to see what everyone is up to. Don’t forget to make time for people in your life, phone free. There’s nothing quite like having personal contact


3. Are you actually paying attention? Many find that technology and posting on social media can make us anxious. How many likes did I get? Did someone comment on my post? You may find yourself drawn away from the task at hand because you are constantly checking your updates. While it may be easy to keep Facebook open when you are at your laptop or to turn on push notifications on your phone, turning them off and creating a habit of checking your phone 2 or 3 times a day is far better and you will enjoy that time more when you are intentional and present instead of having it constantly on. Your brain and stress levels will also thank you.


4. You will enjoy life more. When you unplug you actually get to enjoy what is going on around you. The sights, sounds, smells, and people. You will get to enjoy all that life has to offer and be present in the moment.  You will feel better, your loved ones will feel your presence and you won’t feel anxious about checking your phone. 


We would love to know how you enjoy your down time and what you do to de-stress? Do you find unplugging from technology helps you feel better? Let us know on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Sonia X x

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