Saying Goodbye...

Saying Goodbye...

To all our wonderful customers, friends and supporters, 

It is with a very heavy heart that I am announcing the closure of Eight Hour Studio. After what has been an epic adventure these past 6 years while the team and I developed our baby, launched, met lots of wonderful customers and supporters as well as fellow business owners and creatives, I have made the heart-breaking decision to say goodbye to our little brand.

There are so many reasons for this but by way of explanation here are the main ones. 

As many of you are probably aware, the current retail climate is extremely tough, to say the least. Many brands, big and small, are struggling in a climate where there is so much competition. This competition has made it increasingly more difficult for customers to find the smaller, independent brands who share their values and create products of a high quality and with a sustainable and ethical ethos. In addition, there has been growing financial pressure on families as the cost of living globally increases resulting in people being more conscious of how they spend each dollar. We have witnessed and experienced the retail climate grow tougher and tougher year after year since our launch, and sadly, we feel that we can no longer keep up in a way that makes sense to us commercially and personally.

In addition, as many of you know, we had a major personal move a couple of years ago when we left London to move to Melbourne. While the move has been exciting and we’ve enjoyed creating our new lives here in Melbourne, from a business perspective, it unfortunately had a massive impact. The cost of international shipping, which we have been subsidising, along with the cost of building our customer base here in Australia and New Zealand has become too great a challenge and we simply cannot make the numbers work, despite the positive feedback we’ve received from customers in this part of the world. 

The last 6 years has been such a rollercoaster ride. So many ups and also many downs. But, if I was asked at the beginning, had I known what the journey was going to be like, would I still go through with it? The answer is a resounding YES! There have been so many wonderful moments – my favourites having been when I have connected with other people. From having so many incredible interactions and conversations with customers who have appreciated the thought and hard work that has gone into creating our products, to meeting other people in the industry, be it other retail brands, or organisations and individuals who are passionate about sustainable and ethical production, to bloggers, mentors, and many others who have since also become friends. 

I have also learnt an incredible amount. There have been many, many tough lessons but I have grown so much personally and professionally. At the beginning, I could never have known how much starting and running a business could teach me. And I am so grateful to have had this experience.

So, on this note, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you all. You have all been such an important part of this journey. Your support, your kindness, your belief in me and what I had created, your feedback and your love mean so much to me, and this is going to be what I remember most about this journey. Despite the pain and sadness I feel to have to let Eight Hour Studio go, I have so many wonderful memories and my heart is filled with love and gratitude. You are what has kept me going through the tough times.

If you would like to pick up any Eight Hour Studio pieces for the last time, our website will be open until midnight AEST on 30th June 2019. Please note that we cannot accept any returns, however, if stock is available, we would be happy to exchange. Everything has been reduced by up to 50%. Use code LASTCHANCE at checkout. Shop here.

As always, if you have any questions regarding sizing, our recent decision or anything else, we always love to hear from you. Email us on or me personally on

Big love,

Sonia X x X

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