It's our 4th Birthday!

It's our 4th Birthday!

Hi everyone, 

So, this week we turned 4!

4 years ago on 15thJanuary 2015 we went live on our first Eight Hour Studio website. We can hardly believe it. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that we launched our baby, and at other times it feels as though it has been 100 years and we can’t quite remember our lives before Eight Hour Studio.

Wow, what a journey the last few years have been. We spent a good 12-18 months developing our concept, our prints, our styles, finding ethical suppliers and developing our brand. It was a very exciting time. I can still remember when we got our first print samples and being completely blown away by them! It was one of my proudest moments. I couldn’t believe that we had done it. We had a slightly bonkers concept – using traditional hand block printing but in a fresh, unique, cool, stylish and modern way – and when I saw our prints for the first time I couldn’t believe we had achieved what we set out to. They looked amazing, and the fabric, which took me many months to find, was exceptional.

 Since launch, we have done numerous pop ups, events, fairs and markets – we lost count of how many after year 2! We have been steadily building our tribe internationally and now have customers in the UK, Australia, Germany, the USA and Israel, to name a few. We have developed collections our customers love, and added new sizes and tweaks to styles based on customer feedback. We have also had some lovely press including in Stella Magazine, The Telegraph, Frankie Magazine and Peppermint Magazine, as well as launched a new, more user friendly website. And most recently we moved countries – from the UK to Australia and are now based in Melbourne. Born in London, growing up in Australia, as we like to say. 

During the last few years we have had many ups, and many down, as all new businesses do. But we always seem to meet amazingly supportive customers, followers and others in the industry, who are generous with their time, advice and praise. All the wonderful people we have met along our journey have helped us get through the roller coaster ride.

In what is a relentless, unforgiving and extremely competitive industry, we have had your support through all those ups and down, and for that we are eternally grateful. Without you, our customers, we simply would not have survived the last 4 years. So from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, your love, your honest feedback, for believing in us and for trusting us to give you a great product when you purchase from us.

So what is to come in 2019? We have some exciting new products in the pipeline using left over fabric from our previous production runs. We are also now starting to work on a new collection, so we’ll keep you updated on how that it going. And of course, we are planning to do more pop ups and consumer fairs around Australia as we love getting in front of our customers to meet you, hear your stories, and create wonderful connections. 2019 is going to be an exciting year and we can’t wait to share the journey with you! 

As always, if you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas of products and colour palates you would like to see, please let us know. We absolutely love hearing from you!

Much love and big hugs,

Sonia  X x X

Here are a few random images and photos during our journey over the last 4 years...

Ethical supply change. Sustainable production. One of our values.

One of our values - treating the talented people we work with fairly and with respect.

On display in Aida London

On display in Aida London - one of the first businesses who showed us great love and support early on in our journey. The owners and team at Aida were truly wonderful to work with.

Block printing in progress

All our prints are done by hand using traditional block printing. The talent and work that goes into block printing makes our pieces extra special.

Wood blocks for hand printing

A couple of our wood blocks used for printing.

Team member from our production studio in India

A member of the production team from our supplier in India. Mehera Shaw are equally passionate about ethical and sustainable production so the perfect partner for us.

Dusk collection pieces

An example of how you can mix and match our pieces. Our organic cotton is super soft and loved by customers.

1st pop up on Upper Street in Islington, London

Participating in our very first pop up in February 2016 on Upper Street, Islington, London. The ladies I met by participating in this pop up were incredibly supportive and took me under their wings to some extent. I loved working with them and did a number of other pop ups with them after that. 

Working with influencers

We have also worked with various bloggers and influencers over the years. We particularly love this image of Wonderful U and Ropes of Holland. Lindsey of Ropes of Holland was another huge supporter during our early days and we will be forever thankful to her.

Meeting Lucy Siegle

We got to meet the fantastic Lucy Siegle at an event at Selfridges. Lucy is a huge advocate for ethical and sustainable manufacturing. She is a force to be reckoned with and we love her, her passionate and the difference she is making!

Pop Up on Portobello Road

This is an image from one of the many pop ups we did on the iconic Portobello Road in London. This image was used for a press pieces.

Founder, Sonia Padam in our Navy Square Shirt Dress

And finally, here is a photo of me in one of my favourite Eight Hour Studio pieces. I was treated to a delicious (and boozy!) Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason by my wonderful sisters, Rita and Rina. This was right before we moved from London to Melbourne. I think we managed to get through at least 2 bottles of champagne! There is always lots of bubbly and rose being consumed when the Padam sisters get together!

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