It’s the most wonderful time of year and also the busiest time of year. The holidays mean family time, holiday parties, shopping and traveling to and fro. Here are 8 Tips to help keep you sane during the festive season.  


1      Get Organized: Thinking ahead and planning is one of the best ways to manage getting through the holiday season. Being prepared might mean a few late nights and getting organised but it will save you time and stress later in the season.  Wunderlist is a great app to help you organize your to-do lists. It is great for creating a Christmas Shopping list or organising what you need for which occasions. It works great and will help keep the sanity during this stressful time of year.  


2      Keep Kids Busy: If you have kids in your family you may find yourself spending more time in the car then usual. Pack a bag of activities to keep the kids busy so they aren’t just sitting on their iPads. Magazines, stickers, coloring books, anything you can think of to keep them busy and don’t forget the snacks.  


3      Plan Ahead: Determine a holiday calendar. Who you are going to visit and when? Why? So that you aren’t scrambling from one house to the next.


4      Don’t Skip Your Workouts: During this busy time of year, it is easy to simply say ‘I don’t have the time to workout.” This is a big mistake, as not only will the exercise give you more energy it will also burn off all the stress and tension you feel in your body. Even if you can only squeeze in 10 or 20 minutes, make sure you make it happen.  


5      Make smart food decisions: It can be so easy to grab take away or a pizza this time of year because you don’t have time to cook but try to avoid this when possible. Your body and mind will thank you. When you don’t feed your body well, you don’t feel well.  


6      Secret Santa: If you have a big family, it’s best to do a secret Santa. This way you aren’t buy small gifts for 30 people. You are buying 1 larger, more meaningful gift.  


7      Ask: If you are buying for a reasonable number of people don’t be afraid to ask what they need or consider getting a family experience gift?? This will be much more memorable and appreciated.


8      Don’t Go Overboard: It’s so easy to go over board this time of year with things to do, people to buy for, parties to attend. Do what is manageable for you and your family. If you can’t make it to great grandma’s house, simply plan a visit for the week after (or before) that way you can have a meaningful visit.  


We hope you enjoy this special time of year! We would love to know what plans you have for the Festive Season -  let us know on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!

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