The original concept for Eight Hour Studio was born out of a love for traditional Indian woodblock printing methods. From the outset we also wanted to use natural fibres and ensure that all our production complied with fair trade labour practices. This was the foundation on which we set about designing the luxury loungewear and resortwear that make up our launch collections. Eight Hour Studio was over a year in the making so we were absolutely delighted when we finally launched the brand in early 2015 and feel confident of the fact we have a fantastic, unique product to present you with - something different that will add a hint of elegance and indulgence to your day, every day.    


Behind The Scenes


When we began thinking about the products we wanted to create and their designs, what we wanted was a range of luxury chill wear beautiful and luxe enough it could be worn as daywear, loungewear and resortwear. Our incredibly talented designer, Louise Korner, has done a superb job of bringing our vision to life and working with us to create the designs for our two launch collections, the Dawn & Dusk Collection and the Noughts & Crosses Collection, to achieve just this. She has helped us create an incredibly unique and stylish range of products that fuse a thousand year old printing technique with a contemporary and fashionable edge.


Behind The Scenes


When choosing the fabric we wanted to use organic cotton, but we wanted something really special - something so soft and comfortable it would feel like a second skin and you wouldn't want to take the garment off. The satin finish organic cotton that we are using in our collections has a beautifully luxurious yet light feel. It was exactly what we were after. At the same time, samples of the required block print designs needed to be made so that we could see that everything would work together the way we wanted (the colours, the prints, the fabric.)  We visited our production partner in Jaipur, India to see for ourselves the process and craftsmanship involved and we couldn't have been happier with the results.


Behind The Scenes


Armed with our fabrics and final print choices we started to look at the construction of the actual garments. We were aiming for something relaxed and comfortable, but also stylish with interesting design features and immaculate finishes that show just how much care and attention has been paid in making these garments as unique and special as possible. Numerous revisions of the cuts occurred before we felt we had achieved what we wanted and we are very proud of what we now have for you with the launch of our Dawn and Dusk Collections. The Dawn Collection (our Blue family) has a very bold set of prints inspired by a bright sunny morning signalling a fresh start to a day. The Dusk Collection (our Blush family) is a subtle and soothing set of colours and prints inspired by the colour of the sky as the sun sets.


behind the scenes


We have also put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring our packaging showcases our garments in the best possible way. Whether you are buying for yourself or for the stylish and fashionable women in your life, our products arrive in beautiful custom packaging which shows off our signature prints. They make very special and thoughtful gifts. We are confident we've created something you will feel special buying, receiving and wearing. If you would like to know more about the brand, please do visit our About Us page. To browse our wonderful range of unique products please visit our Shop, and also sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to be kept up to date with the latest news. 


Welcome to the Eight Hour Studio family! X x




Photography is courtesy of our supply partner, Mehera Shaw, a fair trade artisan lifestyle manufacturer based in Jaipur, India.

The illustrations were done by our Designer, Louise Korner.

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